English Ram Vaswani is a Poker Pro

Ram Vaswani learned to play poker even before he was old enough to enter a casino. He learned how to play cards as early as nine years old, and when he reached twelve years old, he led his classmates to playing a low-stakes poker game while they were on a school field trip going to Wales. Their teacher saw what they were playing and asked them to stop immediately. Instead of stopping, they decided to continue playing with candy as the prize in lieu of money.

Ram Vaswani won too many candies from playing poker with classmates and friends until he eventually found it boring. And so, he decided to start playing snooker instead. He became a professional snooker player for two years but realized that he would not be able to defeat the top snooker players of the world due to the fact that he spent more time in casinos than in practicing snooker. This made him decide to go back to playing poker. But this time, he wanted to do it professionally and more seriously.

Born in London, England in 1970, Ram Vaswani had the chance to meet poker professional Joe Beevers in Luton, England. The two became friends until they started to conduct private poker events, where they became friends with poker professionals Ross and Barny Boatman. These four poker professionals were inseparable until they formed a group called The Hendon Mob. The Hendon Mob used to appear in European Poker tournaments on a regular basis. Now, they do not only appear in European poker events but also in poker tournaments recognized worldwide.

Ram Vaswani, who is also known as "Crazy Horse," has also become popular because he is the only poker professional to reach the final tables on the European Poker Tour three times. Moreover, he is also known as a poker professional who always finishes in the money every time he participates in World Series of Poker events.

Some of the achievements of Ram Vaswani in the poker tournament circuit in 2007 are being an eighth placer in a No Limit Hold'em event at the European Poker Tour Grand final, cashing in the money in the No Limit Hold'em Championship game held during the fifth season of the World Poker Tour World Championship, being a fourth placer in a championship game held during the Rendez-Vous A Paris tournament, finishing in the money in a No Limit Hold'em Short Handed game held during the 38th Annual World Series of Poker, and being the first placer in a Limit Hold'em game that was also held during the 38th Annual World Series of Poker (WSOP). Being a first prize winner allowed him to take home US$217,438 and his very first WSOP bracelet.

Ram Vaswani lives in Finchley in London, England with his wife and daughter. He loves to spend time with his family when he is not playing poker. Besides family and poker, Ram Vaswani also loves to play golf when he has time.

The total winnings generated by Ram Vaswani from participating in live poker tournaments are reported to have reached more than US$3,000,000 as of 2007.