3d Poker

Most poker players still prefer to play live poker over online poker. One of the reasons of this is the quality of the graphics, and the overall style of online poker rooms. Graphics can really make or break a game, as can be observed with the World Poker Tour's video game which has poor graphics. People nowadays are really looking for stylish computer games, as you can see in the improvements made in games like NBA Live and Resident Evil. Clearly, people of today are not just after the game; they also tend to look now at the packaging and presentation of these games.

That is why the makers of www.The3Dpoker.com strived to create a one-of-a-kind online poker site. It is believed that its graphics are great, unlike other online poker rooms. It was launched in the first week of May, 2006.

A week after its launching, it has already received multitudes of fans in the United Kingdom. People are really excited about it because it is the first of its type. The site does not only offer poker games, but blackjack as well.

The loading of this online poker site can take quite a while, which is understandable because of its high level graphics. However, online poker fans would like to see an improvement on this aspect. The quality of service, therefore should not be sacrificed for style.

The site boasts of the genuine feeling of casinos and of great poker games. You can also create your own poker character in this site. It also claims to be the first real 3d online casino. Like other online poker sites, it also has a chatroom, where online poker players can talk with each other.

The site also has a support team, which is always ready to help users. It also uses random number generator to ensure fair play, so people would not need to worry. The site guarantees the poker players privacy. Each information you give them is secured.

It also has an added feature in which you can view your game history. You can download their software for free on their website. The downloading only takes a little time, but the installation takes a lot longer, so your patience will be tested. After installing the program and creating an account, you can start by choosing to play real money or play money games.

So if you're tired with other online poker rooms with low-end graphics, try this website and experience the first on online 3d poker games.