Pai Gow Rules

In the beginning of the game the players place their bets and then each player receives seven cards each. The remaining four cards are discarded. The players then look at the cards, and then divide them into two parts. One part consists of five cards, and another consists of two cards. The part with the two cards is called the low part, since it must be less in value than the high part, the five other cards. If the hand with the two cards is higher than the part with the five cards, then it is called a foul, and you lose your bet.

When all the player have set their cards, the dealer then turns the banker's cards face up. The banker then arranges those cards into two groups of five and two cards, and then they are compared, one at a time to the other players' hands. In order to win, both players' hands must beat the banker's hands. If a player has the same hand, then the hands are called copies, and the banker wins. If one of the player's hands are higher than the banker's but the other is not, then it is declared a push and no money is exchanged. If a player wins, then the dealer takes the money from the banker and gives it to the player. If a banker wins, then the dealer takes the money from the player and hands it over to the banker. The House takes a five percent commission on every winning bet.

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